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NURAP Previous Events

MARCH 27th WEBINAR 2018 (PDF Flyer)
SRA International: LIVE Webinar “Women Leaders in Research Administration”
Webinar Handout
Host: Ela Klapczynska and Nadia Hajjar

MARCH 2018 (PDF Flyer)
3/16/18 Evanston, 3/19/18 Chicago
Training Grant Support Office Overview
Presenter: Rebecca Lamarre

FEBRUARY 2018 (PDF Flyer)
2/19/18 Chicago, 2/20/18 Evanston
 tips and tricks from RA perspective (SLIDES)
Additional materials: individual forms, Anotated Forms E,  NIH case studies
fillable Human Subjectsfillable Inclusion Enrollment
Presenters: Ayisha Ali, Nadia Hajjar

11/30/17 Chicago, 12/1/17 Evanston
Holiday RA Jeopardy
Presenters: Nadia Hajjar, Ela Klapczynska, Rosa Ortiz

OCTOBER 2017 (PDF Flyer)
10/10/17  both campuses
Live NCURA Webinar: Data Transfers and Use Agreements
Webinar Video

SEPTEMBER 2017 (PDF Flyer)
9/25/17 Evanston, 9/27/17 Chicago
Getting Involved in NCURA

AUGUST 2017 (PDF Flyer)
8/04/17 Evanston, 8/25/17 Chicago
IRB- Why Ethics Matter? 
Marcella Oliver, Beth Irwin

JULY 2017 (PDF Flyer)
7/06/17 Evanston, 7/13/17 Chicago
Effort Reporting- Post Review 101
Tina Mete, Erin Farlow

JUNE 2017
6/13/17 Chicago, 6/29/17 Evanston
Reinventing the Office for Research Safety: Five Years On
Michael Blayney

23rd of MAY 2017 (both campuses) 
LIVE NCURA Webinar on new Research Terms and Conditions (MP4 video and SLIDES)

MAY 2017 (PDF Flyer)
5/11/17 Evanston, 5/24/17 Chicago
Open Discussion on Project Closeout (PP Slides)
Kathy Mustea, Deb Cundiff, Elizabette Rischall, Hillary Sparks, Lauren Ellis

APRIL 2017 (PDF Flyer4/6/17 Evanston, 4/19/17 Chicago
Office of Research Development (PP Slides)
Nicole Moore, Rebecca McNaughton, and Karen Cielo

MARCH 2017 (PDF Flyer) 3/2 Evanston, 3/8 Chicago
Best Practices for Sponsored Projects Travel (PP Slides)
Kathy Mustea, ASRSP

FEBRUARY 2017 (PDF Flyer) 2/27 Evanston, 3/20(make-up) Chicago
Stored value cards (PP Slides)
Rich Emrich

JANUARY 2017 (PDF Flyer) 1/17 Evanston, 1/30 Chicago
Research Data Management
Cunera Buys, Data Management Librarian (PP Slides)
Northwestern Research Portal
Lora Ferraro, Project Lead, NU IT Project Management Office (PP Slides)
InfoEd Updates
Melissa Mizwa, Project Administrator, OSR Information Team (Evanston session)
Chris Rinere, Senior Training Specialist, OSR (Chicago session) (PP Slides)

NURAP Holiday Jeopardy
NURAP Programming Committee: Melanie Mkrdichian, Ela Klapczynska, Maura Cleffi, Maria Galent
12/8 Chambers Hall (E); 12/9 Baldwin Auditorium (PDF Flyer)

Award Setup with OSR
Evanston: Aaron DeLee, Assistant Grants Officer; Mike DiBiccaro, Grants Assistant; Rebecca Wee, Assistant Grants Officer
Chicago – Jen Thennes, Senior Grants Officer; Diana Abdi, Grants Assistant; Brandon Greene, Grants Assistant
11/11 Chambers Hall (E);  11/16 In Conjunction with OSR Chicago  Large Videoconference Room (C) (PDF Flyer) (PP Slides Chicago)(PP Slides Evanston)

Tension Reduction Techniques
Rhonda Duffaut, Specialist Training and Development
10/26 Gray Seminar Room (C); 10/21 101B Wildcat Room, Norris University Center (E) (PDF Flyer) (Tension Reduct. Handout)

Using Social Media in a Research Office
Jonathan O’Donnell, Research Administrator, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
9/28 Baldwin Auditorium (C); 9/29 Chambers Hall (E) (PDF Flyer) (Social Media Links)

Working Together to Obtain Foundation Funding
Michelle Melin-Rogovin, Senior Associate Director of Foundation Relations, FSM
& Susan Miller, Senior Associate Direcotr, Office of Foundation Relations
8/23 Norris Hall (E); 8/16 Hughes Auditorium (C) (PDF Flyer) (PP Slides Chicago) (PP Slides Evanston)

Paying stipend and tuition at Northwestern from Federal Grants
Patricia Mann, Assistant Dean, Financial Aid
7/12 Chambers Hall (E); 7/19 Baldwin Auditorium (C) (PDF Flyer) (PP slides)

All Stars: Question and Answer Networking with some of Northwestern’s Central Offices’ Experts 
Experts: Chris Beglinger, Grant & Contract Officer, OSR Evanston; Frank Cutting, Senior Contract Financial Administrator, ASRSP; Kathy Mustea, Contract Finance Administrator of ASRSP; Jen Thennes, Senior Grants Officer, OSR Chicago
6/20 Chambers Hall (E); 6/17 Searle Auditorium (C) (PDF Flyer) (ASRSP Dept Closeout Checklist) (ASRSP Glossary) (Subcontracts Overview)

Crosstown Classic: Working Interdepartmentally with Your Colleagues 
Panelists: Jody Hirsh, Maura Cleffi, Chris Moores, Matt Irwin, Joe Boes
5/19 Chambers Hall (E); 5/24 Hughes Auditorium (C) (PDF Flyer)(PP Slides)

Developing at Northwestern
Samir Desai, Executive Director of Learning & Organization Development
4/13 Chambers Hall (E); 5/3 Hughes Auditorium (C) (PDF Flyer) (PP Slides)

Sponsored Projects Online Training (SPOT)
Chris Rinere, Senior Training Specialist, OSR Info Team (PP Slides) (PDF Handout)
InfoEd Proposal Updates
Kim Griffin, Director, Electronic Research Administration, OSR Info Team (PP Slides)
Export Control Updates
Lane Campbell, Director, Office for Export Controls Compliance (PP Slides)
Northwestern University
3/22 Chambers Hall (E); 3/25 Baldwin Auditorium (C)

Research Misconduct and Compliance: Navigating the Grey Areas
Michelle Stalilonis, Senior Compliance Specialist of ORI
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer) (PP Slides)
2/11 Chambers Hall (E), 2/12 Baldwin Auditorium (C)

COI Update: New eDisclosure System Goes Live February 2016
Julia Campbell, Director of COI
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer) (PP Slides Evanston) (PP Slides Chicago)
1/21 Chambers Hall (E), 1/25 Baldwin Auditorium (C)

NURAP Previous Events 2015

NURAP: 2015 Year End Wrap Up Celebration
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer)
12/16 Baldwin Auditorium (C), 12/10 Chambers Hall (E)

Effort Reporting Management: Best Practice Tips
Erin Farlow, Senior Effort Coordinator, Office of Cost Studies
Jen Felten, Associate Director of Research Administration, Department of Medicine
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer) (PP Slides)
11/11 Baldwin Auditorium (C), 11/17 Chambers Hall (E)

Enabling Secure Technology Use in Research at Northwestern University
Carl Cammarata, Senior Director, Information Security CISO, Administrative Operations, FSM
David Kovarik, Director, Information & System Security, IT Info & System Security/Compliance
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer) (PP Slides)
10/23 Baldwin Auditorium (C), 10/28 Wildcat 101B, Norris Unviersity Center(E)

Developing Your Research Administration Career
Chicago Panel: Joe Boes, Assoc. Director of Research Adminsitration, Basic Sciences,
Krissy Dulek, Director of Operations, Surgery
Michelle Melin-Rogovin, Associate Director of Research Administration, RAS
Kathy Mustea, Grant and Contract Financial Administrator, ASRSP-Chicago
Evanston Panel:  Cathy Barrera, Director of Research Administration, McCormick
Reid Wellensiek, Director of Research Administration, Weinberg
Andrea Zakrewski, Grants and Contract Officer, OSR-Evanston
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer)
8/14 Arkes 6th floor Large Video Conference Room (C), 8/25 Chambers Hall (E)

How to Interact Effectively with Various Personality Types
Kate Angevine, Research Administrator, IPHAM
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer) (PP slides)
7/14 Baldwin/Lurie (C), 7/16 Chambers Hall (E)

Subcontracts: Deciphering ESPR
Taylor Carl, Assistant Grants Officer, OSR-Chicago
Tyra Darville-Layre, Senior Grants Officer, OSR-Evanston
Melanie Mkrdichian, Senior Research Administrator, Surgery
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer) (PP slides Chicago) (PP slides Evanston)
6/30 Hughes/Lurie (C), 6/24 Chambers Hall (E)

NUFinancials: Tips & Tricks to Reconcile
Aurelio Damiani, Research Administrator, Surgery
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer) (PP slides)
5/20 Baldwin/Lurie (C), 5/22 Chambers Hall (E)

HR Paperwork and Procedure Changes for the Affordable Care Act
Chris Tondini, FASIS Training Specialist, Office of Human Resources
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer) (PP slides)
4/9 Arkes 6th floor Large Video Conference Room (C), 4/10 Chambers Hall (E)

Changes to the Closeout Process due to Federal Policies: What we can do to prepare & how to avoid loss of funds
Kathy Mustea, Grant and Contract Financial Administrator, ASRSP-Chicago
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer) (PP slides)
3/18 Hughes/Lurie (C), 3/12 Chambers Hall (E)

The NIH Public Access Policy: Compliance & FAQs
Pamela Shaw, Biosciences & Bioinformatics Librarian
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer) (PP slides)
2/11 Hughes/Lurie(C), 2/17 Chambers Hall (E)

Post Award Management: Tools You Can Use to Help You Monitor Your Award
Eugenie Chao, Grants Officer, OSR-Chicago
Jen Thennes, Senior Grants Officer, OSR-Chicago
Kathy Mustea, Grant and Contract Financial Administrator, ASRSP-Chicago
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer)
1/16 Hughes/Lurie (C), 1/22 Chambers Hall (E)

NURAP Previous Events 2014

PI Transfers, In & Out. What is it all about?
Lori Pafalvi, Manager of Education & Training, OSR- Chicago
Daniel Rademacher, Manager, Grants & Contracts Administrator, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer) (PP slides)
12/9 Hughes/Lurie (C), 12/16 Chambers Hall (E)

Departmental Research Administration 101
Nathan Youngblood, Research Administrator, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer)
11/24 Baldwin Auditorium (C), 11/21 Chambers Hall (E)

Introduction to NU RAP Team
NURAP Steering Committee: Kathy Mustea, Joe Boes, Nathan Youngblood, Melanie Mkrdichian, Jody Hirsh
Northwestern University (PDF Flyer)
10/30 Arkes Pavilion, 6th floor Large Video Conference Room (C), 10/31 Chambers Hall (E)

COI: Best Practices and New Resources for Administrators (PDF flyer)
8/20-Baldwin/Lurie (C), 8/22-Chambers Hall (E)

Effort Reporting and The New Uniform Guidance (PDF flyer)
7/22-Baldwin/Lurie (C), 7/24-Chambers Hall (E)


NURAP Previous Events 2013

January: Research Compliance Risk Assessment: This is Not an Audit
01/07-Lurie (C), 01/22-Chambers (E)

May: Petty Cash Processes (Petty Cash Processing) (Petty Cash FAQ) (citi card faq) (petty cash handouts 2)

March: Recharge Centers and Core Facilities (PDF flyer)
3/28-Lurie (C), 3/29-Chambers (E)

April: Office for Research Development (ORD)
04/26-Lurie (C), 04/30-Chambers (E)


NURAP Previous Events 2012

January: Recharge Centers, Core Facilities, and Federal Update (PP slides)
01/17-Chambers (E), 01/24-Lurie (C)

February: Info Ed PD, How’s it Going?
02/17-Chambers (E), 02/24-Lurie (C)

March: Administering Sponsored Programs: What Can and Does Go Wrong? (PP slides)
03/17-Chambers (E), 03/24-Lurie (C)

April: An Introduction to NU Scholars (PP slides)
04/24-Chambers (E), 04/25-Lurie (C)

May: Distinguished Research Administrators Panel
05/29-Chambers (E), 05/31-Lurie (C)

June: Cognos Experts Panel
06/15-Chambers (E), 06/20-Lurie (C)

July: Awareness and Engagement: An Overview of Postdoctoral Affaris at NU (PP slides)
07/09-Chambers (E), 07/17-Lurie (C)

August: New Research COI Policy Changes
08/29-Chambers (E), 08/28-Lurie (C)

September: Networking Event with Nobel Laureate, Dale Mortensen
09/12-Lurie (C), 09/27-Crown (E)

October: Animal Research at Northwestern University
10/15-Lurie (C), 10/25-Chambers (E)

November: Stress in Your Workday: What, Why, and How to Beat It
11/09-Chambers (E), 11/13-Lurie (E)

December: The Institutional Perspective
12/06-Chambers (E), 12/13-Lurie (C)


NURAP Previous Events 2011

January: Proposal Budgeting for Administrators (PP slides)
01/10-Norris Center (E), 01/12-Lurie (C)

February: Communication and Teamwork in the Workplace
02/10-Lurie (C), 02/17-Norris Center (E)

March: Big Grants, Big Deal (PP slides)
03/21: Norris Center (E), 03/31-Lurie (C)

April: Introduction to INVO
04/21-Chambers Hall (E), 04/25-Lurie (C)

May: Bioethics (PP slides | handout)
05/17-Chambers Hall (E), 05/24-Lurie (C)

June: Effort Reporting FAQ
06/28-Chambers Hall (E), 06/31-Lurie (C)

July: Networking Event
07/27-Lurie (C), 07/28-Norris Center (E)

August: Caution: This Message Will Self Destruct: The Secret Agent’s Guide to Email
08/25-Baldwin (C), 08/29-Chambers Hall (E)

September: IRB Fundamentals for Research Administrators
09/14-Chambers Hall (E), 09/27-Lurie (C)

October: InfoEd PD: What Comes Next? (Farrin Abbot’s PP slides)
10/17-Chambers Hall (E), 10/24-Lurie (C)

November: Customer Service for Research Administrators (PP slides)
11/11-Chambers Hall (E), 11/18-Lurie (C)

December: Financial Reporting and Closeout
12/8-Chambers Hall (E), 12/14-Lurie (C)


NURAP Previous Events 2010

January: NURAP Networking Event, Winter Warmup
01/07-Lurie (C), 01/14-Chambers Hall (E)

February: Social Networking
02/03-Norris Center (E), 02/09-Lurie (C)

March: Institutional Training Grants (PP slides)
03/24-Norris Center (E), 03/25-Lurie (C)

April: Subcontracts vs. Consulting Agreements (PP slides)
04/19-Lurie (C), 04/20-Norris Center (E)

May: Cost Studies and Effort Reporting
05/25-Norris Center (E), 05/26-Lurie (C)

June: Foundations 101
06/17-Norris Center (E), 06/22-Lurie (C)

July: Stress Management and NURAP Networking Event (PP slides)
07/22-Norris Center (E), 07/23-Lurie (C)

July: Learn the New Features of ERS 7.0
07/27-Lurie (C), 07/28-Norris Center (E)

August: SIMS FY10 Survey Impact on F&A Rate Negotiation
08/04-Lurie (C), 08/13-Norris Center (E)

September: Peer Panel
09/24-Lurie (C), 09/27-Norris Center (E)

October: Networking Event/Purchasing
10/26-Scott Hall, Networking (E), 10/28-Lurie, Purchasing (C)

November: Networking Event/Purchasing
11/10: Lurie (C), Networking, 11/17-Norris Center, Purchasing (E)

December: Team Science and Collaborative Research Funding
12/13-Chambers Hall (E), 12/15-Lurie (C)


NURAP Previous Events 2009

June: Coffee Break and Welcoming Event
06/17-Norris Center (E), 06/24-Lurie (C)

July: Coffee Break and Welcoming Event
07/15-Hardin Hall (E), 07/22-Lurie (C)

October: ACUC/IRB
10/13-Lurie (C), 10/21-Norris (E)

November: Award Closeout
11/16-Norris Center (E), 11/20-Lurie (C)

December: Finding Funding Opportunities
12/02-Norris Center (E), 12/15-Lurie (C)


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