About Us

Our mission

The Northwestern University Research Administration Professionals (NURAP) brings together NU staff from across the university with the aim of improving institutional cohesiveness in research administration and fostering professional excellence among its members. As scholarly inquiry becomes increasingly collaborative, NURAP endeavors for a diverse membership of research support professionals in departments, divisions, centers, schools and central administration units. With an emphasis on operations and organizational management, NURAP will provide an educational forum to discuss current policies, exchange best practices/ideas and network. In this way, NURAP will strengthen the enabling infrastructure as described in NorthWEstern WILL (Northwestern, 2011).

NURAP Bylaws

The Steering Committee

NURAP is led by a steering committee responsible for the administrative, programmatic, and fiduciary aspects of the organization. The steering committee members are:

  • Jody Hirsh, President, Chemistry of Life Processes Institute
  • Nathan Youngblood, Vice President, Mechanical Engineering
  • Juleen Morford, Secretary, Institute for Public Health and Medicine
  • Maura Cleffi, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Aaron DeLee, Office for Sponsored Research
  • Susan Hall-Perdomo, Center for Sleep and Circadian Biology
  • Christopher Moores, Chemistry
  • Brittany Patrick, Basic Sciences Administration
  • Michelle Suran, Chemistry of Life Processes Institute
  • Tamirah Gore, Office for Research
  • Brent Bell, Basic Sciences Administration
  • Maria Galent, School of Communication
  • Elzbieta Klapczynska, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences


Standing Subcommittees

The steering committee membership is further grouped into four standing subcommittees, responsible for creating the strategy and accomplishing the activities of the organization. The subcommittees are:

Continuing Education (Aaron DeLee, Chris Moores, Brittany Patrick, and  Brent Bell, Co-Chairs) – plans and manages the bi-annual Certified Research Administrator (CRA) exam training sessions

Communications & Outreach (Tamirah Gore, Co-Chair ) – manages the website and social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) and publishes the quarterly newsletter, the RAP Up

Membership (Susan Hall-Perdomo and Michelle Suran, Co-Chairs) – oversees maintenance of the listserv and manages outreach to potential members

Programming (Maura Cleffi, Maria Galent and Elzbieta Klapczynska, Co-Chairs) – plans and implements the monthly NURAP at Noon events

Members are welcome to participate in the meetings of the subcommittees and join as ad hoc members.


Please send an e-mail to nurap@northwestern.edu.